albion que? about me
the pwesident needs bwiefing
~Killed by 'The' Jennifer Saunders on 2-01-12~
~ Met Sue Perkins & Sandi Toksvig on 16-08-12~
rhiannon, international institution, established acts~

The West Wing, Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, The Thick Of It, The Hour, Frozen, Parks and Recreation.

The Smiths-The Libertines-Tegan and Sara- The Cure-Kate Bush-The Crookes-Otis Redding-Palma Violets-Amanda Palmer-Kate Nash-Lou Reed-Vampire Weekend.

Gesticulating Wildly since 2011.
CJ Cregg & The West Wing own my soul.
I adore Sue Perkins, Clara Bow, Allison Janney, The Holy Trinity.

'You get hostile!'
'I get hot stuff?'
'HOSTILE.Hostile, you get hostile.'
'I don't get randomly hostile, I get hostile when hostility is called for!' 

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